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Instagram Spam Accounts

    Here’s an interesting question from Helen in Katy, TX who asked:

    “We finally allowed our daughter to get Instagram on the condition that we can see what she posts. I have now discovered my daughter has a secret, second Instagram account and I don’t know what she posts or who she is talking to. She told me it is just her Spam account. What is that exactly?”

    Thank you for the message, Helen, and here is today’s CyberSense Minute presented by Mirabai.

    “An Instagram Spam account is a separate account from your main account where you can post pictures of yourself and friends or memes or things that you don’t necessarily want to be on your main Instagram account.

    You would usually want your main Instagram account to look nice and professional (for special events and stuff like that). What I use my Spam account for is to post funny pictures of me and my friends that aren’t usually the most flattering, but are just fun to remember.

    Your main account is as if you are out in public and you want to look and act in a certain way. Your Spam account is for when you are goofing off and taking funny pictures. It’s more private and intimate, so usually you only let your close friends or people you know a little better follow you on your Spam account.

    I like Instagram because it lets me connect with my friends even when I’m not with them.”