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Cell phones and sleep

    Here is a message I received from Tracy in Frisco, Texas:

    “Hi James, in your show you recommend teens don’t have phones in bed. My teen uses her phone as an alarm clock and also likes to listen to music to help her get to sleep. What do you think?”

    Here is your CyberSense Minute…

    Sleep. None of us get enough, especially teenagers.

    Lack of sleep can lead to lots of problems in teens: bad grades in school, obesity, acne… and serious mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Teen suicide rates have seen a sharp increase.

    In response, many parents are resorting to medication – the number of kids taking melatonin to help them sleep has increased by 700% in the last ten years.

    And one of the main causes of sleep problems in teens?  Cell phone use in bed at night.

    Yes, there is a good reason why Steve Jobs who invented the iPhone did not allow his kids to use any devices at bedtime
    and why YOU shouldn’t either.

    You can help your child to be happier and healthier and get good grades at school. It’s easy. Set-up a charging station in the living room, or kitchen. Search Pinterest for some lovely crafty ideas. The kids plug in their devices and off they go to bed. What could be simpler?

    So instead of a pill, try giving your teen a truly natural remedy.  It passes every single scientific study: an alarm clock and a good book.