CyberSense Live FAQs

What is CyberSense Live?

CyberSense Live is a school assembly presentation which empowers students to be in control of their online presence. It covers cyberbullying, online predators, sharing inappropriate photos and text messages in an age-appropriate way. James uses magic, comedy and fascinating stories to communicate why young people need to be very careful online. In addition, students learn one single, memorable, easy-to-adopt strategy: “Think Before You Click!”

Is the show suitable for all grade levels?

Yes! CyberSense Live is appropriate for grades K-12. The content varies depending on grade level. 

How long is the assembly program?

45 minutes.

How many assemblies should I book?

Most schools book two or three assemblies with around 300-400 kids per show, but James can perform for any size audience.

What is the cost?

Please call for fee information. Travel costs are always included in the fee. There are no hidden extras. You can reduce your cost by block booking with other schools in your area. Discounts available for Title I schools.

How far will James travel?

James is a national speaker and travels throughout the USA. Plano, TX is home.

Does James need a stage?

No. If you have a stage in your cafeteria or multipurpose room that often works best. However, many schools use the gym with the students on the floor.

What are James’ A/V requirements?

James does not need a projector or screen. No PowerPoint, no boring slides or outdated videos. This is a LIVE program. James interacts with the students throughout the presentation – it is high energy and high impact! You will be AMAZED to see the entire audience hanging on his every word. The only thing James needs is a single wireless microphone.

Okay, how do I book a show?

Call our office today at 214-546-5769 or fill in the contact form…