Family Phone Contracts

Family Phone Contracts

Today’s video is about phone contracts. No, not the kind you sign with AT&T or Verizon. I’m talking about a contract you can sign with your kids! Here is today’s CyberSense Minute…

Giving your child a new phone is exciting. As parents we want to make sure our kids will be safe and responsible when using it.

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Snapchat Streaks

Snapchat Streaks

Most parents of teens have heard of Snapchat – the photo and video messaging app, where the messages disappear after being viewed. But what are SnapStreaks and should you be concerned about them? Yes you should. 

My parents both smoked cigarettes. And so did I. One morning 20 years ago, I asked myself why I was choosing to be a slave to something which was so bad for my health. And just like that, I quit.

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Instagram Advice for Parents

Instagram Advice for Parents

In the last CyberSense Minute, Mirabai explained why many kids like to have a second Instagram spam account.

Teens enjoy using Instagram and it is often the first social media account they ask their parents permission to sign up. Here are a few ground rules I recommend discussing with your kids.

If you allow your teens to have Instagram there are THREE things you should discuss with them:

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Sleep tips

Cell phones and sleep

Here is a message I received from Tracy in Frisco, Texas:

“Hi James, in your show you recommend teens don’t have phones in bed. My teen uses her phone as an alarm clock and also likes to listen to music to help her get to sleep. What do you think?”

Here is your CyberSense Minute…

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Instagram Spam Accounts

Instagram Spam Accounts

Here’s an interesting question from Helen in Katy, TX who asked:

“We finally allowed our daughter to get Instagram on the condition that we can see what she posts. I have now discovered my daughter has a secret, second Instagram account and I don’t know what she posts or who she is talking to. She told me it is just her Spam account. What is that exactly?”

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