Virtual Assembly Presentation

Dear school assembly coordinator,

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CyberSense will be available as a virtual school assembly show.

The show must go on! Educational school assembly programs are an important part of the school calendar – the students look forward to them and they are FUN! And that is something our students will need more than ever this school year.

During the crisis, technology is playing an enormous role in our lives and it is more important than ever to teach children about digital citizenship and using technology in a safe and responsible way.

Schools are operating various forms of attendance with some students on campus and some learning remotely from home. In order to be inclusive to all students, I am providing the choice of TWO virtual school assembly options.

  • Option 1: Live webcast assembly show
  • Option 2: Pre-recorded assembly show

Both options are super fun and easy for both you and the school to arrange. 

This summer, libraries all over the country booked my virtual show and many thousands of children and their families enjoyed my program online. 

Call 214-546-5769 or use the contact form for more information or to schedule your show!

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